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If you want to get informed about my new art works, follow me on my @grandepaintings instagram account. Mostly i am posting all new pieces to instagram. I love instagram because of the good atmoshere it has. People are sharing so much love.

Thank You!

By the way, thank you so much for engaging and all love you send to me via comments and dm’s. It makes me feel so happy and enjoying painting so much more. All posts on Instagram are original art work from my self. If you are interested about a painting or have any question about my art work, you can DM me directly on instagram too. I try to respond in a day. As with most artists these days, I have accounts on many social media platforms. Feel free to find and follow me from your site of choice!

Where you can find me

At the moment, instagram is the only network that is actively maintained. I have also a twitter and pinterest account. I will take care of them when i have more time. Or get in touch here.

Instagram @grandepaintings

For up to date artwork and previews of new work.

Twitter @grandepaintings

Get informed about news and upcoming events

Pinterest @grandepaintings

Inspiration, collections of colors, painting techniques and more

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