Contemporary Art Munich Abstract Painting Sea Series #2


Abstract Art by Asmir Hajdarevic

A Little Bit About Me

Hello and welcome! I am a self-taught artist from Munich with a deep passion for abstract art. My artistic journey began in the world of software development and digital design before leading me to painting. In abstract art, I find the ideal contrast to our increasingly digital world. It provides a new space for my creativity and fills me with great joy. The best part is when my works resonate with others and bring them joy.


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About my art work

I love contemporary art, especially abstract painting. In my works, I combine colors and shapes to express emotions and thoughts that words often cannot capture. Using acrylic paints and various techniques, I create compositions that radiate positive energy and tranquility. My art is a playground of creativity, where each canvas embarks on a new journey. It brings me great joy to share my visions with you, and I hope my works touch and inspire your senses.


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People love to buy abstract paintings. Why? Well, there are at least two important reasons. First, abstract paintings are interactive, and challenge each viewer to figure out what the message is. Also, because they’re more about color and geometry, rather than subject, abstract paintings can function as decor, in a way that paintings from the realist style may not. Thus, abstract art can often feel more personal to the art consumer.

Until the 19th century, artists generally attempted to recreate as real a depiction as possible. But with the arrival of the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, came a push from artists to extend the boundaries of how art could define what is real. Hence, the birth of Modern Art, later followed by what is now known as Contemporary Art.

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Asmir derives inspiration for his work from his experience as digital designer and developer, and beautiful landscapes in Bavaria. He is often told that his artwork is a reflection of his personality. Bright, bold, honest and with a lot of soul. With an amazing sense of color, Asmir Hajdarevic paintings are done in the abstract style. His original acrylic paintings are available for sale and rent. Or you can purchase limited edition canvas prints of any painting, in a variety of sizes to fit any wallspace.

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