Contemporary Art Munich Abstract Painting Sea Series #2


Abstract Art by Asmir Hajdarevic

A Little Bit About Me

In the first place I am a software engineer. Then i am a self-taught abstract artist based in Munich. And from a young age I loved to do creative things. After completing my software development education, i choosed the creative branch of IT. Recognizing my immense passion for colors and painting, I have since pursued my art business while maintaining a career in software development. More…

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Canvas Painting over Sideboard

About my art work

What looks like a random move is actually a reflection of life. In fact it’s the journey of making bold decisions, connecting with your inner renegade, and embracing the ups and downs and everything in between. Look ahead and enjoy the moment. In conclusion, the goal is inner happiness. More…

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People love to buy abstract paintings. Why? Well, there are at least two important reasons. First, abstract paintings are interactive, and challenge each viewer to figure out what the message is. Also, because they’re more about color and geometry, rather than subject, abstract paintings can function as decor, in a way that paintings from the realist style may not. Thus, abstract art can often feel more personal to the art consumer.

Until the 19th century, artists generally attempted to recreate as real a depiction as possible. But with the arrival of the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, came a push from artists to extend the boundaries of how art could define what is real. Hence, the birth of Modern Art, later followed by what is now known as Contemporary Art.

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GrandePaintings exclusively represents munich artist, Asmir Hajdarevic. With an amazing sense of color, Asmir Hajdarevic paintings are done in the abstract style. His original acrylic paintings are available for sale and rent. Or you can purchase limited edition canvas prints of any painting, in a variety of sizes to fit any wallspace.

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