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Abstract Art by Asmir Hajdarevic

A Little Bit About Me

Hello and welcome! I am a self-taught artist from Munich with a deep passion for abstract art. My artistic journey began in the world of software development and digital design before leading me to painting. In abstract art, I find the ideal contrast to our increasingly digital world. It provides a new space for my creativity and fills me with great joy. The best part is when my works resonate with others and bring them joy.


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Canvas Painting over Sideboard

About my art work

I love contemporary art, especially abstract painting. In my works, I combine colors and shapes to express emotions and thoughts that words often cannot capture. Using acrylic paints and various techniques, I create compositions that radiate positive energy and tranquility. My art is a playground of creativity, where each canvas embarks on a new journey. It brings me great joy to share my visions with you, and I hope my works touch and inspire your senses.


Buy Abstract Paintings?

Abstract paintings have garnered significant popularity in the world of contemporary art, captivating collectors and enthusiasts alike. This appeal can be attributed to several compelling reasons.

Firstly, abstract art is inherently interactive. Each viewer is invited to engage with the artwork, interpreting its shapes, colors, and forms in a deeply personal way. This process of interpretation transforms the viewing experience into a unique journey of discovery, as the meaning of the piece is not immediately apparent but instead unfolds through contemplation.

Secondly, the emphasis on color and geometry in abstract paintings allows them to transcend traditional subject matter, making them highly versatile as decorative elements. Unlike realist paintings, which often depict specific scenes or subjects, abstract art can seamlessly integrate into various interior design styles, enhancing spaces with its dynamic and adaptable nature.

Historically, until the 19th century, artists predominantly focused on creating realistic depictions of their subjects. However, the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution ushered in new perspectives and possibilities. Artists began to challenge conventional notions of reality, exploring new ways to represent the world around them. This pivotal shift gave rise to Modern Art, which laid the groundwork for the evolution of Contemporary Art that we see today.

Contemporary Art continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, reflecting the complexities and nuances of the modern world. Abstract paintings, with their emphasis on individual interpretation and aesthetic versatility, embody this spirit of innovation and personal connection, making them a cherished choice among art lovers and collectors.

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